Although choosing a gift for a family member may not be too hard as you will usually know what they need or would want and appreciate but when it comes to choosing a gift for a non-family member, things can be a little more difficult.

Times when you may want to give a non-family member a gift are like when you want to give a man a gift for being the best man at your wedding or perhaps to someone who helped you when you were sick. On these occasions you may not know what they would fully appreciate and value as a special thank you. This problem is often made worse if it is a girl to give a gift to a boy as all too often the men do not always appreciate the same things as girl’s would.

Fortunately today, there is a company called Bullets2Bandages who specialize in gifts for men which they like to call groomsmen gifts. These are gifts which have been especially designed to appeal to men of all ages and are very widely appreciated by most of the men that have already received them.These are all gifts that have a masculine appeal such as bottle openers made from used 50mm cartridges and what is particularly good about these gifts is that a percentage of the profits are donated to veteran organizations and so as well as giving a gift to a special man, you are also helping to give a gift to a veteran. It may not have been easy to provide what one man would appreciate but now it is far easier to provide a gift that could help more than one and choosing is so much easier when there are a variety of options to choose from, all of which will be greatly appreciated and can also be unique.

The gifts alone are special and have a masculine quality to them but they can be uniquely etched or engraved so that the recipient will always remember you and the occasion for which the gift was given. A gift for a best man for instance could be marked with their name, Best Man and the date of the wedding, making it a gift that they will not only cherish and often become a talking point but also a reminder for them of that special event.

Other gifts in the Groomsman range include cuff links, shot glasses, key rings and coasters, all of which are made from or designed to look like military ammunition of one kind or another. The company can also provide merchandize for bars, perhaps a veteran’s bar or similar establishment and that merchandize is also designed on military ammunition and includes items like pint glasses, beer pump handles, beer trays and a host of other items, all of which a percentage of the profits will go towards helping a veteran somewhere, somehow.

No longer do you need to scratch your head for hours trying to think of what to buy, just go to the company website and choose from there.