There is at last a company, in London at least, that will repair your phone and get it back to you within 2 hours, causing you the least possible inconvenience. When I say get it back to you in 2 hours I mean exactly that as they will first come to you, pick up your phone, take it away to be repaired and return it back to where ever you may be; all within 2 hours and you cannot get more convenient a service than that. Unfortunately, Repairly, the company that offers this stress free convenient service, only operates in London at the moment but hopefully that will change and will offer the same convenient service to other locations.

Although iPhones and other touchscreen type phones are very convenient, we get used to them and so if one goes wrong and needs repair or even if the screen just gets scratched, we feel as if we are unreachable to the rest of the world, a feeling which we want to hurry and get over with as little inconvenience as possible. The immediate thought is to contact the manufacturers for assistance but all too often they will point out that scratched screens and other repairs that are caused by accidents are not covered in the warranty but they can assist, at a cost. Unless the manufacturer has a repair facility near to your location, they will ask you to post the phone to them so they can make the repairs.

This of course will take several days and your feeling of being alone will only grow with each passing day. Alternatively, if they do have a repair facility in your area, they could arrange an appointment for when you could take your phone in to get repaired. At least with this option if the repair will take too long, they will loan you a phone for the meantime until repairs are complete and you can return to mick up your phone. Although having another phone on loan will not make you feel so alone, it still isn’t your phone and so you still feel inconvenienced and uncomfortable. If you decide that there is too much hassle involved with dealing with the manufacturer, you may decide to just find the nearest phone repair facility to where you are but, even that has its inconveniences.

When you contact most phone repair businesses, they will be glad to repair your phone but will probably insist that you bring any replacement parts with you. Even if the repair business tells you where and how to get the replacement parts, it is still an inconvenience and if you have already acquired the parts yourself, you may as well try and repair the phone yourself. According to instructions which are readily available online, many of these repairs do not take long and a screen can be replaced in as little as just 5 minutes. That means that only one service is more convenient than repairing your phone yourself but unfortunately, up till now, it is only available in London.