If you are looking for a specific knife for a specific purpose, there are many different ones you will have to research in order to find the appropriate one you need. A good place to start is the Blade Guru website as they provide in-depth researchand reviews on many of the different knives available today. One of the most commonly sought after knife is the pocket knife but even with pocket knives there are several different types available today. All pocket knives are similar in size and perhaps similar in general design as all of them have blades of around the same size and all of them have blades that retract into the handles for protection of both people and the blade itself. One specific type of pocket knife though is known as the OTF knife with the OTF standing for out the front. This is a pocket knife whose blade is protected by the handle when not in use, just like any other pocket knife however, when it comes time to use the knife, the blade shoots out of the handle forwards, parallel with the handle. This makes for quick use and so if you suspect that you may have occasions where you will need a blade in a hurry, an OTF knife may be the preferred choice for you. Another type of pocket knife available today is referred to as an EDC knife. The EDC stands for every day carry and implies that this is a knife which is easy to carry however, as all pocket knives are easy to carry, it should perhaps have been referred to as an everyday use pocket knife. The manufacturers of the EDC knives claim that they are more suitable for everyday use than regular pocket knives, probably meaning they are more rugged and durable than most other pocket knives. If you want a pocket knife, not as just a just in case knife, then any pocket knife may suffice but if you know you will need to use a pocket knife every day for one reason or another, perhaps you should then consider an EDC knife as your best option. As a general purpose knife there are literally hundreds of tasks a pocket knife can come in handy for and that does not just mean in a rural setting as a pocket knife can also be an invaluable asset in the countryside also. It must be said though that most people that venture into the countryside, especially a heavily wooded area, will usually carry an additional knife besides just a pocket knife, regardless of how rugged that pocket knife may be. In aa rural environment though, most people only have a pocket knife available but fortunately because of its versatility, a pocket knife usually suffices in most situations inside or outside of work and can also often handle any situation you may find yourself in out on the streets. Still, look at the different options and choose a pocket knife which you think will best suit your needs.